16th International Phytotechnology Conference in Changsha, China
Outubro 15, 2019
We visit our partners in Morocco
Novembro 29, 2019

29th Conference: Research applications and advanced technologies in Crop Production

Dr Vasileios Stournaras, scientist responsible for the partner ‘Hellenic Agricultural Organization DΕMETER’ (ELGO), presented a poster about ‘SUSTAINOLIVE’ project in the 29th Conference, entitled “Research applications and advanced technologies in Crop Production”. The Conference was organized by Hellenic Society for Horticultural Science and took place on 15 – 18 October 2019 in Patra, Greece. Among the attendants, Dr Georgios Psarras, who is also a member of partner ELGO, was present.

The abstracts of the presentations are available under the link: https://29eeeo.gr/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/%CE%92%CE%99%CE%92%CE%9B%CE%99%CE%9F-%CE%A0%CE%95%CE%A1%CE%99%CE%9B%CE%97%CE%A8%CE%95%CE%A9%CE%9D.pdf