Fevereiro 26, 2020

Video presentation Nelson Marmiroli and Elena Maestri

Inter-Departmental Centre for Energy and Environment (CIDEA), University of Parma, provides a significant number of dedicated personnel on Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Food Sciences, Public Health, among others, with specific expertise in by-products valorisation of the […]
Fevereiro 21, 2020

Interview with Dr. Olfa Boussadia, a researcher at the Olive Institute in Tunisia

Interview with Dr. Olfa Boussadia, a researcher at the Olive Institute in Tunisia. This video describes the institution in which he develops his work and the tasks in which he participates in the SUSTAINOLIVE Project.Dr. […]
Fevereiro 7, 2020

Video presentation Anna Irene de Luca

Dr. Anna Irene De Luca, is a researcher in the Department of Agriculture of the Mediterranean University of “Reggio Calabria”. His works deal with the definition and application of quantitative and qualitative methods of evaluating […]
Fevereiro 6, 2020

Transnational meeting in Kalamata

Roberto García has made a presentation of the SUSTAINOLIVE project and a talk about the situation of the olive grove in Andalusia at the Cooperativa Oleícola de Kalamata, with great assistance from farmers and technicians […]
Fevereiro 5, 2020

A meeting between different SUSTAINOLIVE partners in Kalamata (Greece) is being held between February 3 and 6.

Roberto García (University of Jaén), Carlos Cebrián and Alejandro Gallego (Tekieroverde), have moved to the city of Kalamata to visit the Greek partners of SUSTAINOLIVE. Dr. Vasileios Stournaras, from the Greek Agriculture Organization DEMETER, accompanies […]
Janeiro 27, 2020

Video presentation Roberto García

Today we start the weekly publication of the presentation videos of the SUSTAINOLIVE project partners, as well as small documentaries about their activities and visits to the 6 participating countries. In this first video Roberto […]
Janeiro 22, 2020

Sustainolive visit Evora, Portugal

Drs. Roberto García Ruiz, coordinator of SUSTAINOLIVE, and Manuel González de Molina, researcher responsible for SUSTAINOLIVE at the Pablo de Olavide University, visited Drs. Teresa Pinto Correia and José Muñoz Rojas on December 17 and […]
Outubro 22, 2019

29th Conference: Research applications and advanced technologies in Crop Production

Dr Vasileios Stournaras, scientist responsible for the partner ‘Hellenic Agricultural Organization DΕMETER’ (ELGO), presented a poster about ‘SUSTAINOLIVE’ project in the 29th Conference, entitled “Research applications and advanced technologies in Crop Production”. The Conference was […]
Outubro 15, 2019

16th International Phytotechnology Conference in Changsha, China

SUSTAINOLIVE was presented recently at the 16th International Phytotechnology Conference in Changsha, China. Prof Nelson Marmiroli of partner UNIPR PARMA illustrated the project in an oral presentation on September 25th, explaining the general objectives and […]