The University of Granada has eight of its researchers among the most cited in the world
Janeiro 28, 2020
Transnational meeting in Kalamata
Fevereiro 6, 2020

A meeting between different SUSTAINOLIVE partners in Kalamata (Greece) is being held between February 3 and 6.

Roberto García (University of Jaén), Carlos Cebrián and Alejandro Gallego (Tekieroverde), have moved to the city of Kalamata to visit the Greek partners of SUSTAINOLIVE. Dr. Vasileios Stournaras, from the Greek Agriculture Organization DEMETER, accompanies us on our trip, and we have been able to visit 2 farms of Giorgios Kokkinos, from the Nileas group of producers, also in the Messinia region. We have been pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the centuries-old olive groves and the vegetation covers that turn them into true forests with great biological diversity.