The essential role of lacewings in the natural control of olive prais Ramón González Ruiz (Jaén University)
May 6, 2021
On May 14, IRTA, a partner in the SUSTAINOLIVE project, held its VIII Plant Defense Groups Workshops on the olive sector in On Line format
May 19, 2021

Collecting biomass from the manipulative experiment on seeded cover crops set up in SUSTAINOLIVE-Spain on Los Almendros organically managed olive grove

On May 12, a group of researchers from the University of Jaen, led by the coordinator of the SUSTAINOLIVE project, Roberto García Ruíz, visited the organic olive farm “Los Almendros” (Granada, Spain) to take samples of aerial biomass in the experimental sites where different combinations of cover crops seeds had been previously sown.

The purpose of this field experience is to determine which of the seed combinations produces a greater plant cover and, therefore, provides the olive grove a better pool of ecosystem services (improvement in water retention capacity, increased soil fertility , erosion prevention, etc.).