General objetive

The SUSTAINOLIVE consortium faces the paradox that, despite having recognized the health benefits of olive oil consumption, its production is based on an increasingly less sustainable model. The challenge remains to reconcile practices in olive groves that are profitable and sustainable, considering the protection of the environment and avoiding the overexploitation of natural resources.

To achieve this objective, it is necessary to improve the natural environmental regulation favoring biodiversity, the optimization of inputs, the development of new cultivation systems and the use of technologies adapted to this transformation. Thus, the general objective of SUSTAINOLIVE is to promote the sustainability of the olive oil sector through the implementation and promotion of innovative and sustainable solution sets in management practices, based on agroecological concepts and in effective and active exchange of knowledge in the main actors of the sector.

To achieve this general objective, the following specific objectives have been defined:

Integrate ecological, territorial and socioeconomic knowledge, to design and evaluate sustainable strategies and methods in the cultivation of the olive grove based on agroecological concepts

Promote the implementation of sustainable farming systems that are economically and technically viable

Provide management recommendations to improve soil conservation and efficient water use

Promote and develop the sustainable use of species that are part of under-exploited herbaceous roofs that are most suitable for Mediterranean conditions

Guide and facilitate more sustainable use of land and landscape through the promotion of the diversification of the olive grove agrosystem

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