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Novembro 29, 2019
Video presentation Roberto García
Janeiro 27, 2020

Sustainolive visit Evora, Portugal

Drs. Roberto García Ruiz, coordinator of SUSTAINOLIVE, and Manuel González de Molina, researcher responsible for SUSTAINOLIVE at the Pablo de Olavide University, visited Drs. Teresa Pinto Correia and José Muñoz Rojas on December 17 and 18 of SUSTAINOLIVE at the University of Evora (Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Mediterranean Environments (ICAAM), Portugal). The visit took place in the context of the 1st Meeting of the working group on science-practice dialogue in agriculture in general, and olive groves in particular, and Mediterranean resources. Researchers from the University of Jaén, Pablo de la Olavide University and the University of Evora completed the different tasks to be carried out in both work package 2 and 4 of SUSTAINOLIVE. On December 18, they visited Ana Carrilho (representative of Esporão Lda (Portugal), a participating entity in SUSTAINOLIVE) and the role of this company in SUSTAINOLIVE was established, as well as the criteria for identifying and selecting possible experimental plots were agreed of the company that will be part of the network of experimental plots of SUSTAINOLIVE.