Alejandro Gallego, coordinator of TEKIEROVERDE
June 30, 2020
SUSTAINOLIVE has contacted the technicians of the EIP Agri olive diseases and pests focus group
July 16, 2020

Today we celebrate the International Day of Soil Conservation

Today we celebrate the International Day of Soil Conservation. This particular day was chosen, in honor of the American scientist Hugh Hammond Bennett, who dedicated his life to demonstrating that soil care directly influences their productive capacity or as he himself said: “Productive land is our base Because everything we do begins and is maintained with the sustained productivity of our agricultural lands”.

This is one of the objectives of SUSTAINOLIVE and it is present in many of its actions. We share with you the video “The Soil in Ecological Agriculture”, produced and directed by Tekieroverde, to raise awareness among farmers of the importance of conserving and properly nourishing our soils. This video is the most visited in our catalog, I hope you enjoy it.