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The European night of researchers
Outubro 10, 2019
29th Conference: Research applications and advanced technologies in Crop Production
Outubro 22, 2019

16th International Phytotechnology Conference in Changsha, China

SUSTAINOLIVE was presented recently at the 16th International Phytotechnology Conference in Changsha, China. Prof Nelson Marmiroli of partner UNIPR PARMA illustrated the project in an oral presentation on September 25th, explaining the general objectives and background of the project, and speaking in detail about the Sustainable Technological Solutions under development for Mediterranean olive groves. The issues connected to disposal of agricultural residues and biomass were also discussed.

The audience was composed of scientists, postdocs and PhD students from different countries, interested in application of plants to remediation of contamination and sustainability in agriculture. Several symposia dealt with food security and how to integrate crop yield and resilience to climate changes.