The Carbon Footprint and the measurement of the biovolume of an olive groves
Março 29, 2021
SUSTAINOLIVE develops the idea “Collaborating Entities”
Abril 1, 2021

7th Annual Kalamata Olive Oil and Olive Festival

The Kalamata Cooperative (Greece), a partner of the SUSTAINOLIVE project, is organizing the 7th Annual Kalamata Olive Oil and Olive Festival, which will take place from April 25 to 27. During the celebration of the Festival, the Kalamata 2021 Olive Oil Contest will also be held with its section of Awards for the best oils. In the last edition, 2 entities collaborating with SUSTAINOLIVE in Spain, Puerta de las Villas and Cortijo Sp Espíritu Santo, obtained the First Prize for Extra Virgin Oil and the 2nd Prize for the best Organic Oil respectively. We encourage all cooperatives and oil mills to present your oils to the 7th edition following the rules of the contest.