7th Annual Kalamata Olive Oil and Olive Festival
Abril 1, 2021
Determination of Apparent Density in olive grove soils. Julio Calero, Department of Ecology of the University of Jaén. SUSTAINOLIVE
Abril 13, 2021

SUSTAINOLIVE develops the idea “Collaborating Entities”

SUSTAINOLIVE has developed the idea of “Collaborating Entities to increase the visibility of the project’s actions and increase synergies with actors from the world of olive groves and olive oil. In principle, 3 types of collaborations have been created:

– Entities that facilitate their operations to measure the ecosystem services associated with the cultivation of olive groves.

– Entities that participate in training and transfer activities to the olive sector, to which technical advice is provided, the possibility of carrying out internships in the plots of other collaborating entities, as well as all the tools produced throughout the project: protocols of research, manuals and audiovisual tools.

– Entities that collaborate in the communication actions of the project: newsletters, manuals on good practices, videos, etc.

These collaborating entities are included on the project’s website and in the periodic newsletters, multiplying their visibility at the international level. Collaborating entities have no obligation whatsoever, with the exception of those in which a collaboration agreement-agreement has been established.

Today we want to share with you the videos produced by TEKIEROVERDE of 2 collaborating entities that describe their farms and operating philosophy.