SUSTAINOLIVE develops the idea “Collaborating Entities”
Abril 1, 2021
Progress in WP5 of the SUSTAINOLIVE project: Socio-economic and Life-Cycle assessment of the STSs
Abril 14, 2021

Determination of Apparent Density in olive grove soils. Julio Calero, Department of Ecology of the University of Jaén. SUSTAINOLIVE

Second video on the protocols developed by the University of Jaén for taking samples to measure the environmental services offered by olive groves to all of society. Today we present a video on the measurement of the apparent density of olive grove soils. The video stars Julio Calero, professor in the department of ecology at the University of Jaén. We hope that these videos will help all actors in the world of olive groves who want to know better the agronomy of olive groves.

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