Presentation of the Sustainolive project in an online training program on agroecological production systems and climate change, in Greece
Dezembro 1, 2021
Third International Symposium on Olive Oil and Health began, organized by the University of Jaén and the University of Yale
Dezembro 13, 2021

Presentation of the Sustainolive project at the 3rd Agroecology Europe Forum, in Barcelona

The sustainolive project was presented at the 3rd Forum of Agroecology Europe in Barcelona on 17-19 November 2021, both online (Wednesday 17 November) and live (Thursday 18 and Friday 19 November). The project was presented by Dr. Vassilis Gkisakis, during the session 7 of the Forum on “agroecological management for sustainable food production” and the participation of about 50 delegates. Dr. Gkisakis presented the framework and the first results of the project, regarding positive aspects of the implementation of agroecological practices for the provision of ecosystem services. Agroecology Europe (AEEU) is an international association of members that seeks to share knowledge and experience of agroecology, place agroecology high on the European agenda and support the transition to agoecological practices, sustainable food systems and policies.