Harvest Ouezzan Province, Al Houda Women’s Association
Novembro 29, 2021
Presentation of the Sustainolive project at the 3rd Agroecology Europe Forum, in Barcelona
Dezembro 1, 2021

Presentation of the Sustainolive project in an online training program on agroecological production systems and climate change, in Greece

A brief presentation of Sustainolive was held on Thursday, November 4, 2021, by Dr. Vassilis Gkisakis (ELGO – Dimitra, project partner in Greece) during the training program on the resilience of agroecological production systems to climate change. Dr. Gkisakis briefly presented the framework of the project in relation to the agroecological approach to agriculture and the challenges of climate change. The NGO AIGILOPS – Network for Biodiversity and Ecology in Agriculture, organized the training program addressed to producers and scientists or technicians of its network, having a participation of approximately 30 persons to the above webinar.