Participatory activities with SUSTAINOLIVE
April 27, 2022
Communication promotion campaign in Spain for the SUSTAINOLIVE project
May 5, 2022


Just over a hundred olive growers and olive growers in the province of Jaén, belonging to the Ciudad de Jaén (Jaén), El Alcázar (Baeza) and San Vicente (Mogón) cooperatives, have so far benefited from the series of workshops held carried out by SUSTAINOLIVE.
In these workshops we have had the opportunity to address general issues such as good management practices in olive groves to more specific ones such as soil fertility and the integrated fight against pests.
Our methodological proposal has been received with great enthusiasm by farmers, as it is our purpose to avoid the expected one-way lecture format, opting for a playful, interactive and, without a doubt, stimulating approach.
We would like to highlight that 15% of those attending our workshops have been women. Although there is still a long way to go to break with the classic image of the masculine olive grove, it seems that things are changing, which makes us very happy.
If you are part of a cooperative and you would like the SUSTAINOLIVE team of promoters to visit it to implement one of these workshops, do not hesitate to contact us.