Interview with Dr. Olfa Boussadia, a researcher at the Olive Institute in Tunisia
Fevereiro 21, 2020
Work package number 7
Fevereiro 27, 2020

Video presentation Nelson Marmiroli and Elena Maestri

Inter-Departmental Centre for Energy and Environment (CIDEA), University of Parma, provides a significant number of dedicated personnel on Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Food Sciences, Public Health, among others, with specific expertise in by-products valorisation of the olive mills, abiotic stress, response and tolerance of plants, precision and conservation agriculture, organic and innovative amendments, chemical, physical and structural analysis of soils, plant identification and food traceability and on the characterisation of soil communities.

Prof Nelson Marmiroli has 20 year of experience in olive oil traceability, starting with coordination of the FP5 project OLIV-TRACK. He developed molecular approaches for traceability; currently working on sustainable agriculture implementation. He has over 300 scientific publications.

Prof Elena Maestri has worked in several projects on olive oil traceability and food authenticity, developing molecular methods for identification and quantification. Subject Editor of Environmental Science and Pollution Research. She is author to over 85 peer-reviewed papers.