Presentation of Sustainolive to the Minister of Rural Development and Food
julio 13, 2021
Artículo firmado por los socios de SUSTAINOLIVE en Portugal:
septiembre 7, 2021


The work team of Abdelmalek Essaadi University has made a working trip to southern Morocco in the village of Amizmiz, near Marrakesh in order to organize a training course for the valorization of olive waste for the benefit of agricultural cooperatives in the region, from 24 to 27 June. Ahmed Kattous, a member of Al-Raihan cooperative in Tetouan, framed this training course, which included an explanation of how to make soap from olive oil derivatives, providing equipment, and training women’s cooperatives to make soap through these materials.
On the other hand, fieldwork continued in the selected farms in southern Morocco, which had previously been carried out by the scientific team in the north of the Kingdom, which mainly aims to take soil samples from experimental farms and take the biovolume measurements.