The Sustainolive coordinator has resumed visits to olive farms once trips between provinces have been allowed
9 Giugno, 2020
Dr. Patricia García, Università di Bologna (UNIBO)
15 Giugno, 2020

Dr. Gema Parra Anguita, University of Jaén

Dr. Gema Parra Anguita carries out her work in the Department of Animal Biology, Plant Biology and Ecology of the University of Jaén. Gema Parra belongs to the research group on Ecology and Biodiversity of Aquatic Systems (RNM300), and is part of the scientific committee of the Center for Advanced Studies in Earth Sciences (CEACTierra). She has dedicated herself for more than 15 years to the ecotoxicological research line, focused on the study of the effects of agrochemicals, traditionally used in the olive grove, on aquatic systems. These ecotoxicology studies have allowed obtaining sufficient information to be able to transmit results, make proposals for the use of bioindicators and biomarkers, which can be taken into account and favor decision-making. The study of the impact that intensive agriculture has on ecosystems has been responsible for its connection to the SUSTAIOLIVE project. The transmission of knowledge of these effects goes beyond the academic environment and it is our responsibility to be part of collaborative and participatory environments in the interest of a transformation towards more sustainable human activities.