Giugno 5, 2020

Moisés Caballero Páez, general secretary of the CRDOP during the last 15 years and received the Award for the Promotion of the Aeolian Olive Grave

Moisés Caballero Páez, general secretary of the CRDOP during the last 15 years and received the Award for the Promotion of the Aeolian Olive Grave. CRDOP groups about 4.500 olive producers in the Seville and Cordoba (Southern Spain) and about 7 million olive trees (mostly under integrate production) and 40,000 hectares producing annually about 30 […]
Giugno 2, 2020

3rd Edition of the “Eduardo Pérez Research Awards”

Our colleagues from the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Estepa announce the 3rd edition of the "Eduardo Pérez Research Awards", recognized as one of the most important in the world for the promotion of research in the olive oil and olive oil sector. extra virgin olive. It is the prize with the highest […]
Maggio 26, 2020

Interview to Gonçalo Morais Tristão. Goçalo is the President of CEPAAL

Interview to Gonçalo Morais Tristão. Goçalo is the President of CEPAAL and has extensive experience in production and association in the olive sector. He is usually invited to share his knowledge and experience in workshops, focus group and other events. CEPAAL is a non-profit association, based in Moura, whose goal is to increase the value of Olive […]
Maggio 25, 2020

III International event of OLEA project networks

In the framework of the III INTERNATIONAL EVENT OF OLEA PROJECT NETWORKS, Roberto García, Professor of the Department of Ecology of the University of Jaén and coordinator of the SUSTAINOLIVE project (PRIMA H2020), will intervene next Tuesday, May 26 to present the project and inform of the tasks undertaken so far.In order to foster the […]
Maggio 21, 2020

Interview to Alessandro Triantafyllidis from the Associazione Italiana per L’Agricoltura Biologica (AIAB)

Alessandro has 20 years of experience in Organic Agriculture. He was responsible and coordinator for a National Farmers’ Association for organic agriculture in Liguria Region. Their activities included technical advisory, training and project management. He was (2001-2011) the Italian Board member of the Board of Directors IFOAM EU Group AIAB is an association recognized by the […]
Maggio 14, 2020

Interview to Ana Carrilho from Esporão Lda

Esporão is a company economically, socially and environmentally sustainable based in the Alentejo (Portugal). Ana works in olive oil business area and is a full member of the olive oil panel test of the Instituto Superior de Agronomia. She has responsibility in several National and International Contests of Virgin Olive Oil and expert in sensorial analysis at the […]
Maggio 7, 2020

Interview to Dr. Elena Guzmán

Dr. Elena Guzmán Jiménez is responsible for R&D at the Center for Advanced Studies on Olives and Olive Oil at the University of Jaén, researcher and manager in the SUSTAINOLIVE project.
Aprile 23, 2020

Interview to Dr. Manuel González de Molina

Interview to Dr. Manuel González de Molina from the Agroecosystems History Laboratory (AHL), Universidad Pablo de Olavide. The AHL is a multidisciplinary research center aimed to promote the understanding of the function of agro-ecosystems from an agro-ecological and historical perspective, to buid the scientific basis for a more sustainable agriculture.
Aprile 21, 2020

Sustainolive survey

"Within the framework of the SUSTAINOLIVE project (PRIMA H2020), coordinated by Roberto García of the University of Jaén, a survey is being carried out to identify and characterize the diversity of conditions under which olive groves are cultivated and olive oil is produced in the main producing countries of the Mediterranean basin. This task is […]