Olive mill waste compost application in ELGO DIMITRA’s pilot olive farm in Chania, Greece
ديسمبر 22, 2021
يناير 4, 2022

Insect manure and cover crop applications in ELGO DIMITRA’s pilot olive farm in Chania, Greece

On December 6th, applications of Sustainable Technological Solutions (STS) were continued on ELGO DIMITRA’s (Institute of Olive Tree, Subtropical Crops and Viticulture) pilot and experimental olive farm in Chania, Greece. 

More specifically, an insect manure was spread on the soil of 3 plots. The total amount of the product applied was 80 kg. Another application concerns cover crops: for this purpose, 5 plant species (Medicago sativa 5 kg, Avena sativa 3kg, Vicia faba 6kg, Pisum sativum 5kg, and Vicia sativa 4kg) were sown in 6 plots. A total amount of 27 kg of seeds mixture was applied in the olive grove.  

These two STS applications have the advantage of increasing soil organic carbon. Also, they have higher available nutrients level, they enrich soil available potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.  Sowing seeds legumes as cover crop has the effect of improving soil porosity, soil structure and diversifying the microscopic life in it.

Detailed measurements on the soil, plant leaves will be implemented to evaluate the efficacy of these two applications (insect manure and cover crop), quantify their effects on different components of the agro-ecosystem and by the end, to assess the sustainability of this STS farming practice.