Third International Symposium on Olive Oil and Health began, organized by the University of Jaén and the University of Yale
ديسمبر 13, 2021
Insect manure and cover crop applications in ELGO DIMITRA’s pilot olive farm in Chania, Greece
ديسمبر 22, 2021

Olive mill waste compost application in ELGO DIMITRA’s pilot olive farm in Chania, Greece

On November 30th, applications of Sustainable Technological Solutions (STS) were initiated on ELGO DIMITRA’s (Institute of Olive Tree, Subtropical Crops and Viticulture) pilot and experimental olive farm in Chania, Greece. 

More specifically, a commercial compost derived from recycling all byproducts of a three phase olive mill was applied on the olive ground soil. The total amount of compost applied is 900 kg and it concerns 6 plots (2 treatments). Each plot (200 m²) was covered by 150 kg of the compost (7.5 tons per hectare).

This compost is an organic fertilizer that is used to improve soil health, increase water retention, SOM and nutrients availability, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Detailed measurements on the soil, plant leaves will be implemented to evaluate the efficacy of this compost, quantify its effect on different components of the agro-ecosystem and by the end, to assess the sustainability of this STS farming practice.