Video presentation Nelson Marmiroli and Elena Maestri
26 Febbraio, 2020
Interview to Dr. Ignacio Lorite Torres
3 Marzo, 2020

Work package number 7

The communication company TEKIEROVERDE responsible for the communication actions inside SUSTAINOLIVE, has developed different tools to help the dissemination of project activities and for the coordination between partners.

The first task was to perform the design of the corporate image of the project and its user manual. The partners have all the elements of the corporate image in all types of formats and adapted to the different materials intended for communication.

Also an animated video was made for the dissemination of the project in the website, social networks and presentation events (talks, congresses, etc.). Similarly, the SUSTAINOLIVE website ( has been created to inform the objectives of the project, the description and location of the partners on an interactive map, and an Intranet for the coordination and monitoring of all the activities that will be developed during the 4 years of the project, and a section for communication, press and the different visual media.

The website is connected to different social networks like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The website is available in Greek, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and English, for easy access to all the Mediterranean culture. 

There has also been made twenty-two short videos to introduce each of the participating partners and those responsible for the different work areas. Also there has been made a couple of videos of longer duration adresing in greater depth the characteristics and resources of the participating entities, so far it has been done one of the University of Granada and another one about our partners in Morocco, and we are currently developing one related to our Greek partners.

From Tekieroverde we want to encourage all the participants and people interested in a sustainable olive grove to participate by spreading the project activities through social networks.