Interview to Ana Carrilho from Esporão Lda
مايو 14, 2020
III International event of OLEA project networks
مايو 25, 2020

Interview to Alessandro Triantafyllidis from the Associazione Italiana per L’Agricoltura Biologica (AIAB)

Alessandro has 20 years of experience in Organic Agriculture. He was responsible and coordinator for a National Farmers’ Association for organic agriculture in Liguria Region. Their activities included technical advisory, training and project management. He was (2001-2011) the Italian Board member of the Board of Directors IFOAM EU Group AIAB is an association recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. Its main goal is the promotion of organic agriculture, sustainable rural development and healthy nutrition. AIAB is particularly engaged in innovation brokerage and exchange of best practices among organic farmers and between organic and conventional farmers. AIAB has large experience in the use of participatory approach in research activities, and in establishing a bidirectional exchange of experiences.