Evaluation of STS application in ELGO DIMITRA’s pilot olive farm in Chania, Greece
مايو 28, 2021
Soil functional quality
يونيو 8, 2021

Presentation of Sustainolive to farmers in Municipality of Kantano in Chania, Greece

Agronomists of ELGO-DIMITRA, Institute of Olive, Subtropical Crops and Viticulture specializing in olive cultivation, fertilization, entomology and diseases, visited the Municipal Unit of Kantanos on Friday, May 21st. Together with the deputy mayor of Kantanos, George Vakakis, they conducted an visit in olive groves in the area of ​​Xerokampos, discussed with producers the problems they face. Systematic cooperation was agreed with the implementation of information events to improve olive cultivation and the creation of demonstration olive groves in the area so that farmers can see in practice the sustainable cultivation practices and the results in the production of trees compared to neighboring olive groves.