Starting work package 3 in Morocco
يناير 20, 2021
Meeting with the director of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture (DPA) Mr. Ghouasli Mohamed in the Abdelmalek Essaâdi University
فبراير 8, 2021

Start-up of work package 3 investigations in the SUSTAINOLIVE project

The main objective of work package 3 of the SUSTAINOLIVE project is the evaluation of a series of ecosystem services in commercial olive grove plots managed along a sustainability gradient of the main producing countries of the Mediterranean Basin.

In the case of Spain, some of the plots are linked to project partners such as the Estepa Denomination of Origin, and others belong to collaborating entities, such as the San Vicente de Mogón Cooperative or the private company of Espíritu Santo or La Casona. The location and main characteristics of the plots are represented on the .

For the implementation of the research, the University of Jaen has a complete variety of research groups in charge of the execution of the different tasks and which include the functional units of Ecology, Process Engineering and Biochemistry of the Center for Advanced Studies in the Olivar y Aceites de Oliva (Dr. Sebastián Sánchez Villasclaras, Dr. Roberto García Ruiz, Dr. Juan Antonio Torres Cordero, Dr. Ramón González Ruiz and Dr. Juan Bautista Barroso Albarracín) and the center for advanced studies in Energy and Environment Environment (Dr. Julio Antonio Calero González and Dr. Tomás Manuel Fernández Del Castillo).

The results obtained during the execution of the project will be a scientific endorsement that will promote the transfer of knowledge related to the implementation of a combination of sustainable technological practices in the olive oil sector.