The SUSTAINOLIVE project at the 21st edition of the PRIM’OLIO event in Calabria (Italy)
أكتوبر 18, 2021
A conference on sustainability in the olive sector (Agustí Romero Sustainolive partner)
نوفمبر 25, 2021

Third Annual Yale Simposium

The third annual Yale Symposium, co-organized by the University of Jaén, and sponsored by the Provincial Council of Jaén, will bring together academics, associations and organizations, industry and entrepreneurs who are involved and interested in research and education related to the olive tree and their products. The objectives of the symposium are:
– Evaluate and debate in depth current issues, especially post-pandemic, pertinent to the olive tree and its products in the areas of Chemistry, Metabolomics, Bioactivity and Sensory Sciences; Nutrition and health; Agriculture, Agronomy, Technology and Planetary Health; Gastronomy and culture; Economy and politics;
– Facilitate discussion and propagate partnerships and collaborations between individuals and entities under the umbrella of the Yale University School of Public Health.
In this Symposium we will have the participation of the SUSTAINOLIVE coordinator, Roberto García Ruiz, Agustí Romero, of the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA), Catalonia Spain and Giorgios Koubouris, of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization-Demeter, Greece, all project parteners.
We leave you the link to the web where you can register and get the link to the complete program.

BE_OLIVE, III Simposio Internacional sobre Aceite de Oliva y Salud