14 Maggio, 2020

Interview to Ana Carrilho from Esporão Lda

Esporão is a company economically, socially and environmentally sustainable based in the Alentejo (Portugal). Ana works in olive oil business area and is a full member of the olive oil panel test of the Instituto Superior de Agronomia. […]
7 Maggio, 2020

Interview to Dr. Elena Guzmán

Dr. Elena Guzmán Jiménez is responsible for R&D at the Center for Advanced Studies on Olives and Olive Oil at the University of Jaén, researcher and manager in the SUSTAINOLIVE project. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=32&v=JkDjd6u4Zb8&feature=emb_title
23 Aprile, 2020

Interview to Dr. Manuel González de Molina

Interview to Dr. Manuel González de Molina from the Agroecosystems History Laboratory (AHL), Universidad Pablo de Olavide. The AHL is a multidisciplinary research center aimed to promote the understanding of the function of agro-ecosystems from an agro-ecological […]
21 Aprile, 2020

Sustainolive survey

“Within the framework of the SUSTAINOLIVE project (PRIMA H2020), coordinated by Roberto García of the University of Jaén, a survey is being carried out to identify and characterize the diversity of conditions under which olive […]
24 Marzo, 2020

Hellenic Agricultural Organisation “DEMETER” (ELGO)

ELGO is a reseach center with expertise on several topics related SUSTAINOLIVE: 1) The Olive Research Group of ELGO (Chania) which focuses on olive grove management systems and long-term experiments on olive tree pruning, cover crops, soil management […]
20 Marzo, 2020

Interview to Dr. Belén Fernández García. Institute for Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA)

IRTA has substantial competences on the characterization, valorisation and treatment (biogas production, composting, bioremediation, biofiltration, bio-electrochemical, ammonia stripping, bio-drying) of organic by-products and wastes of agro-industrial, including olive oil mills and extractors.
17 Marzo, 2020

Kamal Targuisti visits the members of the Zaouia Women’s Cooperative

Between March 25 and 28, our colleague Kamal Tarrguisti from Abdelmalek Essaâdi University (Tétouan) visited the members of the Zaouia Women’s Cooperative, in the province of Marrakech. The reason for the visit was the launch […]
10 Marzo, 2020

Interview with Giorgios Kokkinos, responsible for the Association of NILEAS Producers

Interview with Giorgios Kokkinos, responsible for the Association of NILEAS Producers. NILEAS is made up of 70 olive oil producers in the West of Messina (Pelopoeso). They cultivate about 250 hectares and produce about 400 […]
3 Marzo, 2020

Interview to Dr. Ignacio Lorite Torres

Interview to Dr. Ignacio Lorite Torres, (ORCID: 0000-0002-0833-9362), he has 10 years of experience in the assessment of the impact of climate change on Mediterranean agricultural systems. Andalusian Institute of Agricultural, Fisheries, Agrifood and Organic […]